What’s upppppp my Party Peopleeeee (who are existing in ever-increasing conditions of loneliness, anxiety, and depression)?!?! Lemme hear you screammmmmm (into the void)!!!

This pandemic sucks. The culture is demolishing our mental health. Everyone I know is cycling endlessly through rounds of “Sending so much love “Do you need…

Well tanks for nuttin’

Rather than awaiting the most persistent sperm, researchers are finding evidence that the egg obsessively screens and rejects sperm who don’t pass her standards.

Here’s the scene at The Swervix, where all the sperm gather to try and impress the eggs.

Sperm #1: Let’s pick up some hot eggs to…

Mia Lazarewicz

NSCA-CPT, CSCS, American Ninja Warrior, gymnast, author, Gryffindor. Follow me on IG and Twitter @thebossiraptor, and at my website www.lazertraining.com

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